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Everyone Welcome: D3 GROUP (Discipleship Group)
Gables Campus
Everyone Welcome: D3 GROUP (Discipleship Group) STARTS: MARCH18th THE D3 GROUP IS A DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM THAT EMPOWERS DISCIPLES TO BECOME DISCIPLE(RS). DISCIPLE(RS): A DISCIPLE that is READY to SERVE by helping others become disciples of Christ. D3 GROUPS sessions last about 90-120 minutes, so the total time should be divided into equal thirds. Each third consists of critical parts that must be included to develop the mindset of "training" through reps (repetition) rather than just teaching content. *This group is for individuals who have grown deep in their walk with Christ and now desire to "Help people find and follow Christ."
10 - 99
Everyone Welcome
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In-Person Only

Coral Gables

Weekly: Saturdays at 9:00 AM