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Married: Married & Leading
Gables Campus
We know that marriage and leading can cause a lot of different obstacles. & you add children or anyone you take care of to the mix; it can become daunting. We are constantly caring for others or pushing forward without energy. It takes work to move forward in life, especially when you are running on empty. We are a group of leaders that lead others & need our cups filled by Jesus. So no matter how full your cup is, we are here to go at it together. If you would like to be filled up weekly in a community of believers trying to walk faithfully with Christ, then this Group is for you.
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In-Person Only

Coral Gables

Weekly: Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
Rafa Then-Gea (Leader)
Liz Then-Gea (Leader)
Annette Camarillo (Leader)
Jose Camarillo (Leader)